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A free AI-powered selfie editor

Lensa AI: Photo & Video Editor is a free photography mobile app that allows you to easily edit and touch up your selfie photos. Developed by Prisma Labs, Inc., this powerful multimedia tool uses AI technology to help adjust your images’ filters and even remove any blemishes you want out of your selfies.

Like other photo apps, Lensa AI: Photo & Video Editor features a wide variety of editing functions. It also offers a subscription plan with a free seven-day trial—letting you have an unlimited number of uploaded photos. Take note that this doesn’t have an in-app camera.

How good is the Lensa app?

As its name says, Lensa AI: Photo & Video Editor is a photo-editing app with automatic retouching functions. However, its main appeal is its AI technology, which is present in nearly all of its tools. First, after importing an image—preferably a selfie or picture with human faces—the app displays seven primary tools: Face, Backdrop, Adjust, Effects, Art Styles, Filters, and Canvas. The first two are pretty self-explanatory in their usage.

Meanwhile, “Adjust” is for configuring the image’s lightning, brightness, contrast, saturation, and the like. “Effects”, “Art Styles”, and “Filters” are just for special AI effects. Lastly, “Canvas” is for choosing different image borders. All of these have extensive options and sliders to help you adjust your images perfectly—not to mention that the Magic Retouch function auto-adjusts its AI enhancement filter on selfies with a simple tap. 

The app’s other amazing feature is the Magic Avatars, which can generate a cool-looking avatar by importing 10 - 20 pictures of the same person. The requirements here are stricter, though, to avoid generating weird images. The app itself performs well enough but take note that it also often doesn’t load changes or save your edits. Plus, the free version only allows for three photos uploaded a day.

Has everything you’ll need for selfies

Overall Lensa AI: Photo & Video Editor is a great photo app to have if you want a selfie editor with powerful capabilities. While its performance is sometimes unstable, it still has an accurate AI that can easily retouch your images and even let you customize them to your heart’s content. Plus, the subscription plan offers more cool features and removes the photo limit.


  • Has a powerful photo-editing AI
  • Extensive options for all of its tools
  • Automatic retouching with its Magic Retouch function
  • Can generate Magic Avatars from photos


  • Performance can be unstable sometimes

Also available in other platforms

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User reviews about Lensa AI: Photo & Video Editor

  • Rick Danford

    by Rick Danford

    Be careful! Once you sign up with them, even though they tell you it's free for 7 days! I cancelled it and uninstalled it the same day I downloaded it and still got charged 7 days later.


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